Mentors' 4 Africa

MENTORS’ 4 AFRICA is an initiative built by MENTORS’ HQ and MEA in cooperation with Instadeel inc. NGOs, venture capitals and elite International Organizations to support the ecosystem for all African startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs to learn, develop, build, and grow locally and internationally.

Program Details:

The best way to learn is by doing. You will be attending 8 sessions including their applications and assignments, practice the concepts you are learning by attending the sessions till the end and by submitting the assignments on time. This will help you solidify your understanding and prepare you for your success. 

 Graduation Project

You’ll graduate from our program with a developed business idea in hand. You’ll also be required to provide a visual presentation of your idea to get feedback on your work from mentors, participants, & entrepreneurs.

Upon finishing Mentors’ 4 Africa program, your work will be certified & accredited by the IAO (International Accreditation Organization), issued by Mentors’ Gate. This would happen in your graduation ceremony and you’ll hear from speakers who are successful entrepreneurs & network with other participants and Mentors’ Gate team.

It Doesn’t End Upon Graduation

We stay connected with our alumni as you’ll:

  1. Be a member of our Mentors’ African Entrepreneurs Club
  2. Receive a startup kit containing templates & canvas
  3. Access to all Visual Content of M4A Diploma, Such as recordings, PDFs, Presentations & Videos.
  4. Have access to our Business Resources Center
  5. Receive One-to-One mentoring to get feedback, advice, & support
  6. Have access to our Business Newsletter

Established Your Startup? Face the LIONS!

A startup competition from Mentors’ Gate is a contest in which startups compete for prizes & listings of exclusive funding resources “Investors & VCs”. Startups will have to pitch / represent their ideas in front of THE LIONS.

Become A Trainer Yourself!

Became a Mentors’ 4 Africa program alumnus? You’re now eligible to become a trainer yourself once you finish our Training for Trainers (TOT) program, becoming a Mentors’ Authorized Trainer.

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Mentors 4 Africa Time Map

Out of 54 countries


July 2022


Number of Registrations  680
Number of Attendees
Total Training Hours

November 2022


December 2022



General Statistics:
Total number of enrolled applicants: 1730
Number of accepted trainees after the filtering process: 110
Average attendance hours per accepted trainee: 25 hours
Average exam score of accepted trainees: 25

May 2023


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