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At Mentors, we believe that learning is key to success, whether it’s through academics or others’ experiences.
Our approach starts with learning, as we provide academic knowledge, expertise, and experience that have led to countless successes in over 41 countries and +12,750 Startups worldwide.
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The Business Equation


 The E or E program

You will learn

The E or E program is a mentoring program for university students that pairs them with experienced employees or entrepreneurs. The goal of the program is to provide students with the guidance and support they need to succeed in their careers. The program is open to all university students, regardless of their major or year of study. Students are matched with mentors based on their interests and career goals. Mentors are experienced professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with students.

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth

You will learn

idem is an exceptional program managed by Mentors and accredited by IAO, With experienced mentors in 22+ fields from 9 countries, idem offers a diverse and comprehensive learning experience that prioritizes PWSA, Technology, and Green initiatives.

Graduates will have a strong foundation in entrepreneurial management, leadership, and communication skills, with access to successful alumni and entrepreneurial leaders to expand their professional network.

idem is the perfect choice for those pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams with exceptional mentors.

Startup Diploma 2023

Mentors Junior program

You will learn

empowers the next generation of young entrepreneurs with innovative curriculum and collaborative learning.

Participants will develop crucial entrepreneurial skills like leadership, communication, and problem-solving through a comprehensive and personalized curriculum.

The program fosters a supportive and collaborative learning environment, allowing them to explore their attitudes and values towards health education and unlock their potential for success. 


You will learn

Womentor is a customized program for girls, women, and female entrepreneurs to discover their capabilities to achieve their success goals — from creating a positive self-image to mastering business basics. It's a creative and practical solution for many challenges that women are facing.

It consists of 3 levels :

1. Level one - Entrepreneurial Psychology

2. Level two – Start your business

3. Level three – How to grow your business

Startup Diploma 2020

Business Formula 101

You will learn

How to build a successful business

Are you ready for the VCs & Pitch decking?

Create your financial Model, Org. Chart, Legal foundation, supply chain platform, quality process/Six Sigma, Customer Service techniques, suitable digital platforms for your business

The golden secrets of a great promotion

Write your unique Selling Proposition

Market Anatomy Structuring

Facing Challenges and Crisis/COVID-19 – Agility

How to have a businessman’s mindset

Discovering your Green CircleFund Raising rules

Company valuation principles

Successful Partnership Structure

Green Circle 2023

You will learn
  • Discovering and focusing on internal skills & aspects
  • Re-Structuring the Personal LifeStyle
  • Identifying the best career according to your aspects

Program Outlines

  • What is your life position and life compass
  • What are your 8 intelligences
  • How to re-design your private and professional life according to your aspects

e-Supply chain 2023

You will learn
  • What is e-supply chain?
  • How the e-supply chain will be your business life vest ?
  • Quick Wins and Target Operating Model
  • How & When to transfer your business into e-supply chain ?
  • The best in class for e-supply chain
  • e-supply chain investment
  • e-supply chain is the business vaccination for COVID-19
  • Integrated e-supply chain modeling
  • Business Digital Ratio (BDR) and the Digital Efficiency Ratio (DER)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the e-supply chain

Digital Transformation 2023

You will learn
  • What is the Digital Transformation
  • Business Assessment before transformation
  • The Principle of the Digital Transformation
  • How to identify the business Digital Ratio
  • How to position & re-position your business
  • The Gap Analysis
  • Business technology best in class
  • Digital transformation Vs. Cash flow
  • Quick Wins & Target Operating Model
  • Crises and Challenges overcoming (from Stability to growing) during & after COVID-19
  • Visual Dash Board
  • Businessman Equation
  • Smart Investment & Agility
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